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Photo Retouching & Restore

   CappasWorld photo retouching and restoration is a professional photography and digital photo editing service. With more than 10 years of experience, we offer an affordable, highly skilled digital photo retouching service. Digital photo retouching and restoration is used by virtually all leading photographers. It adds a professional look that has so much more to offer than the original.

   Imagine being able to get your favorite photos retouched just like you want them! Have photos with embarrassing scars or blemishes, red eyes, or you just wanted a few pounds taken off? What about those old photos packed away in the attic you've always wanted restored? Trying to get a modeling profile together? No matter what your photo retouching or restoration needs, CappasWorld has a solution for you!

   We specialize in pageant, wedding, modeling, restoration, plus many other photo retouching services. Let us help make your photos like they should be. We will create the photo you are going to be happy with. All aspects of beauty including glamour, figure & facial commercials, magazine covers, photographer's portfolios, CD or DVD cover art and inlays.


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Photo Retouching and Restoration

  • Facial work: Enhance and smooth skin, Retouch blemishes, scars and other imperfections, makeup enhancements (eyes, lashes, eyes shadow, lip color enhanced & wrinkles smoothed).
  • Body: Reshaping, slimming, virtual weight reduction, naturalize skin tones, skin smoothing and clothing creases fixed.
  • Background: Objects removed, or new background added.
  • Color correcting: Body and background tonal enhancing. Areas damaged or missing restored if needed. Product & catalogue shots also retouched.
  • Portfolio Retouching: Portfolio or resume photo touch up: Model/actor portfolio restoration.
  • Black & white conversion: Professional shading and toning: With advanced dodging, burning and toning skills (which include converting to black and white, sepia, duotone and many more shades), we can transform a photo into a masterpiece.
  • Glamorize: We understand that it is not only models and actors who want to have portfolio quality pictures of themselves. Submit your favorite pictures and we will:
    • Retouch blemishes, scars and other imperfections. Even skin tone, remove wrinkles. Perform glossy magazine type airbrushing, "virtual" weight reduction, naturalize skin tones, remove red eye and brighten eyes. Teeth whitening and teeth repair. Add makeup, lengthen and darken lashes. Remove background distractions. Correct color, lighten overly dark photos and enhance contrast.
  • Convert color to black and white: Adding color to black and white photos is known as selective color. Removing, adding or changing the background. Photo repair; restore torn, damaged or faded photographs.
  • Exposure and color correction: Adding frames and other borders to your photos. Image cropping, and the removal of unwanted objects or people. Adding people and joining two pictures together or adding text to your images.
  • Real estate: Correct color, lighten overly dark photos, intensify and saturate the colors of the lawn, house and landscaping. Make virtual repairs to certain features; hide flaws, dirt or other small, detracting blemishes. Create a sunny day for a cloudy day photo, perform virtual paint touch-ups and remove any unwanted background items.
  • Enhance or Restore background: Damaged areas in photos such as scratches, spots stains or missing/ torn areas, cracks etc.
  • Photo resize including enlarging a picture: Using the latest image enlarging/enhancement software, we can increase the pixels (size) of the image.
  • Stripping and cleaning of brochure and website catalogue shots.




How It Works

  A sample of your retouched photo will be sent to you. If you are satisfied, you will receive a payment request. Upon receipt of your payment, your retouched photo will be sent to you.

  Email or message me and let's get started retouching your photo. If you would like, go ahead and attach the photo you want retouched/edited.  Then we can get started. You may either use the message form to the right or e-mail me at


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